Frequently Asked Questions

Premium Care

Who is Premium Care Medical Concierge?

Premium Care is a team of healthcare consultants that specializes in service and efficiency.

We match you with private healthcare services and accompany you throughout the entire journey, from diagnosis to treatment and discharge.

Our goal is to ensure your medical journey is fruitful and non frustrating.

What Is Premium Care Medical Concierge Service Model?

We discuss your needs, set up appropriate appointment with the right doctors and advise you on both current and future steps – keeping you aware of each phase of treatment and the costs involved.

Why Do I Need A Medical Concierge In My Contact List?

It never hurts to have more help – we are always here to lend you our expertise on treatment types and choices in the market. We are also available for 24/7 for accident and emergency support.

Do I Need To Pay More By Engaging Premium Care Services?

Annual subscription is at SGD9.90 for an individual subscription and SGD29.90 for a family subscription plan for a limited time offer.

What Is The Advantage of a Concierge Doctor?

Greater connectivity and transparency for the patient because these doctors are familiar with our ways of working. They also prioritize us given the long working relationships we’ve developed with them over the years – meaning speed and access are the other main advantages of working with our doctors.

How Can I Start Engaging Premium Care Services?

Reach out to us through our hotline at 65-86866296 or connect with us through our Contact Us page on the website.


What are the Annual Membership Benefits?

Here’s a list of our annual membership benefits:

  • Priority Access to Network of Specialist Doctors and Institutes
  • Scheduling and Administration Assistance
  • Documentation and Record-Keeping
  • In-room Consultation Attendance and Advocacy
  • Emergency Support
  • Health Coverage Assessment
  • Treatment Cost Projection and Forecast
  • Claim Submission, Management and Tracking
  • Health and Wellness Events, Deals and Discounts